VIDEO: Growing Bell Peppers in Containers Outdoors – Arizona Organic Vegetable Garden (Old School Home & Garden with Sasha)

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Growing Bell Peppers in Containers Outdoors
In this video I will show you how I plant my bell pepper plants into containers. I am using 2 different fertilizers – Dr. Earth and Alaska Tomato Feed.
So, I’m planting the bell pepper plants in 3 container – in one container I’m just using the potting soil, in the second container I’m adding Dr. Earth organic fertilizer, and in the third container I’m adding the Alaska fertilizer. In the second and third pots, I’m also adding rock dust, Epsom salt, and my home made eggshell and banana peel fertilizer.
I mixed the potting soil and the fertilizers very well, added a thin lair of potting mix and then put my pepper plants and added the rest of the soil.
I started those pepper plants from seed in mid May, so it has been about 1 1/2 months.
I will add more fertilizer every 6 to 7 weeks or as needed.

Those pepper plants will be growing outdoors but underneath the patio as the sun is very intense here during the summer months.
If you are in Zone 9 in Arizona, now is the best time to start your tomato and pepper plants from seed indoors for November/December harvest.

Author: Old School Home & Garden with Sasha / YouTube