VIDEO: A Complete Video Guide for Growing Heirloom Tomatoes: Start to Finish (Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden))

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This is the growth of the same tomato plant ‘Black Krim’ from start to finish. I spliced together my 6 videos to create A Complete Guide for Growing Heirloom Tomatoes.

0:00 How to Transplant Tomato Seedling into the Garden
2:15 How to build a Hothouse Tomato Cage
4:54 How to prune and stake a young Tomato
9:35 How to prune and support an intermediate Tomato
13:47 Creating a disease/splash barrier with newspaper for your Tomato (coconut husk would work well too)
16:52 Protect the fruiting tomato plant from blossom-end rot
20:25 Checking the mature plant for fruit production and blight
22:39 Quick analysis of the end-result tomato fruits

You will learn how to plant the transplant tomato and prepare the soil. You will learn how to tend, prune and stake your tomato. You will learn how to build a hot-house tomato cage if you want to start your tomatoes early. You will learn about blossom-end rot and other disease prevention techniques. You will see a mature 6 foot ‘Black Krim’ and what the tomatoes look like. This video shows you the development of one tomato plant.

Author: Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden) / YouTube