VIDEO: Grow A Tomato Plant Indoors: Easy How-To Tutorial (Indoor Gardening And Aquaponics)

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You can easily grow tomatoes indoors as long as you follow a few basic guidelines. I grow tomatoes through the winter to hold me over until the following summer. There is nothing like a fresh-picked tomato.
In order to grow tomatoes indoors, you need a grow light that has the proper intensity / output. As well, you have to use bulbs that induce green growth and others that promote flowering. Duration of lighting is also a factor.

The next consideration is soil. You need a good soil that is proper for vegetable growth. After that, you need to maintain the soil with fertilizer. I use Tomato-tone.

You also need to water at the correct levels. This needs to be a thorough watering without allowing pooling. Do not allow the soil to get so dry that wilting is seen in your tomato plant.

This how-to tutorial will give you the basic know-how to enjoy growing tomatoes year-round indoors. Enjoy.

Author: Indoor Gardening And Aquaponics / YouTube