VIDEO: Grow Tomatoes NOT Foliage – Part 2 (California Gardening)

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In a follow up to our popular video Grow Tomatoes NOT Foliage, we present to you the top 10 tomato growing tips which will help you grow the best tomatoes ever! Watch our growing guide as we go thru the following:

1. Container size – We look at the best container sizes to grow tomatoes
2. Planting Technique – Tomato is a vegetable that requires specific planting techniques
3. Soil – Choose the best soil for growing your tomatoes
4. Watering – Tomatoes do need a lot of watering and we look at this as well
5. Fertilizer – Tomatoes need the right fertilizers at the right time
6. Problems Growing Tomatoes – We look at some problems you might face when growing tomatoes like insects, diseases etc
7. Tomato Varieties – A home grown tomato is very delicious. Some varieties are easy to grow and delicious. Watch our tomato plant selections!
8. Propagation – Propagating tomatoes from seeds as well as stems – we got it all!
9. Pruning & Staking – We look at tomato pruning techniques as well as tomato staking techniques
10. Tips & Tricks – We look at some more tips and tricks to grow bug and tasty tomatoes in the garden

We cover everything from weather to sunlight to watering and nutrition requirements to grow tomatoes in this episode

Author: California Gardening / YouTube