VIDEO: Larry Hall’s How To Grow Tomatoes in Walmart Bags – Air Pruning (A Bucket and A Shovel)

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The mixture is 2-5 gallons of Peat Moss, 1-5 Gallons of Compost or Manure, 1/2 cup of lime, 1 large coffee can of Perlite or Vermiculite and 1 hand full of Epson Salt. Of course I always add in my Mother’s mixture of helpful growing elements.

I always plant tomato plants at least two to a container or together in the ground. I feel they help stabilize each other against the elements. This is my way of doing it. Not Larry Hall’s way.

This is a good example of Air Pruning. Plus I have also spanked and trimmed the tomatoes to insure the plant will give me a good harvest.

Instead of using a Kiddy Pool I used a rubber container and added two inches of water. The bags will stay in the water until the season is done.

Author: A Bucket and A Shovel / YouTube