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How to Grow Tomatoes Guide

Tomatoes need full sun – make sure your tomato plants get most of the available sun between 7am and 7pm during most of the summer. Tomatoes also need well-drained soil. This can be achieved in raised beds, or by adding well-composted manure and compost to the soil.

Tomatoes need a warm and relatively long growing season. In many parts of the country, tomato seeds must be started indoors. Start your seeds 6-8 weeks before the danger of frost is past and garden soil temperature is 60°-70°F.

Many problems with tomatoes can be avoided by maintaining proper pH levels. Applying plenty of organic compost, well-composted manure, and rock minerals (such as lime) listed above, will strengthen your tomato plants against insects and disease.

Also, give your plants as much warmth as possible in the spring. One way to accomplish this is with the use of water walls.

Author: PlantingTomatoes / YouTube