VIDEO: Growing Tomatoes & Tomato Growing Tips (BackToConstitution)

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Growing Tomatoes & Tomato Growing Tips

There is no investment in the world that can turn a penny into a dollar in a month


But the tomato seed can do this

Wait 55 days more, in the case of the beefsteak tomato, and you can turn one dollar into $20 and there is no investment in the world that can do that, consistently, either

People look for penny stocks, because they are affordable and they hope that the stock will be worth $1 in a month, but they are fools, most of the time

Wise investors are germinating tomato seeds and they couldn’t care less what Wall Street is going

Invest in the corrupt system and you’re going to lose your money

Invest in tomato seeds and you’re going to become rich!

Can you keep a tomato plant alive?

This video is going to help you do that

It’s an article about tomatoes and I read it to you and add my comments

I give you the link, below, so you can go there and read all their articles

You can even record one and share your reading with the world

What if everyone did that? What kind of world would this be?

I’ll tell you one thing!

Those greedy bastards on Wall Street wouldn’t have nearly as much power over us, if everyone would find articles, read them aloud and make them available to others, via YT

Now, do you want to share or be selfish, like those guys at Goldman Sachs?

Watch my video here, where I read this article and then find one of your own to read

I’d enjoy hearing your reading and I can help you develop the skills necessary to produce videos for the benefit of others

We can change this corrupt and selfish world, but you have to acquire some skills that you don’t presently have

Do you know how long it will take you to learn how to record your voice?

About 10 seconds

I show you where the ‘record’ button is and then I teach you how to push it down

It’s that simple, but when I say, ‘Go!’ You have to begin reading, got it?

Make it a habit to read one article each day and just one year, you’ll have 365 videos

I have 514 as of Thursday, December 27, 2012

One day, a tomato will cost $10 and you will have more reason than ever to get them almost free, by germinating the seeds, yourself!

Why don’t you acquire the skills now, so you don’t have to learn, while you starve?

It’s not a question if tomatoes will be $10 each; It’s just a matter of when this will occur

The Federal Reserve has done QE1, QE2 and they’re planning QE3 which is counterfeiting the currency

They are forcing old people to eat cat food and nobody is putting them in jail

You can stand by and watch old people die or you can plant tomato seeds

It’s not against the law to grow your own food, but the executive order signed by the illegal alien in the White House grants the little bastard the right to tell you if you can have a garden and what you can grow in it

They did this to give Monsanto a monopoly and we all must fight this

Are you aware of it?

What are you doing about it?

Have you heard the stories of the farmers who have had government airplanes flying over their fields, destroying their crops?

The Nazis are trying to concentrate all the wealth into the hands of fewer and fewer people and all of us, rich and poor alike will become their slaves
We will survive only to serve them and this must be opposed

I’m doing my share, now what are you doing?

Make videos!

Let’s take our country back!

Spread the truth!

Dismantle the dictatorship!

Author: BackToConstitution / YouTube