VIDEO: How to Design Potted Plants – EB StoneHow to Plant Tomatoes – EB StoneHow to Design Potted Plants – (1treecare)

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Celeste Wheeler, from EB Stone, explains step by step how to plant, grow, and maintain potted plants. Beginning with organic potting soil and the addition of a thriller, filler, and spiller to the use of Sure Start and consistent watering, Celeste provides a detailed and effective method for potting success. By conquering these techniques, it will enable you to liven up any yard with a variety of containers of all types of colors, shapes, and sizes. With these helpful hints you can alter a seemingly simple and plain patio into thematic and unified entertainment area.

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E.B. Stone Recipe Card
-Choose a pot with holes and cover with a screen
-Fill pot 3/4 with EB Stone Organic Potting Soil
-Choose a Thriller, Filler, and Spiller
-Sprinkle EB Stone Organic Sure Start around the roots
-Fill the pot with EB Stone Potting Soil
-Feed regularly with EB Stone Potting soil
-Feed regularly with EB Stone All Purpose Plant Food
-Water regularly

Author: 1treecare / YouTube