VIDEO: How to stop blight in Organic Tomatoes (Robert Simpson)

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This organic tomato crop was doing great until it started bearing tomatoes at about 60 days, using only compost tea from composted manure. Then blight hit and all the bottom branches became infected, advancing up the plant and the tomatoes stop growing, blossoms were pale and started dropping off. I wasn’t sure we could do anything, but wanted to try, having read about using Sea-Crop successfully on fire blight in apples. we used a full organic fertilizer program, including 35% hydrogen peroxide(extra), organic vinegar(extra), AgriGro Ultra, PHT Phytostim(extra), PHT Potassium, molasses, Organic Gem Fish Meal, Sea-Crop, PHT PhotoMag(extra), PHT Foundation. Sea-Crop was applied at an experimental rate on a few plants to see if plants would survive. The infected leaves dried and shrivelled up but the healthy ones looked great. we did all the plants every second day for two weeks, then weekly. by week three, there was healthy blossoms appearing and the tomatoes that were still on the plants started growing again. All new tomatoes from then on were large, firm and dense(heavy). There were new branches and leaves popping up all over the plant as well as new top growth, which wasn’t pruned as was needed for photosynthesis to support future fruit, which we weren’t still sure was going to amount to much. The foliage on these plants was remarkable with a vigour that bordered on amazing. This crop was 25% harvested at the time blight hit and went on to produce 90% of projected yield, giving much satisfaction to the farmer and myself. I learned just how incredibly resilient tomato plants really are. I also give much credit to our Creator in helping us overcome incredible odds.

Author: Robert Simpson / YouTube