VIDEO: Propagate Tomato Suckers In Mid-Summer For Fall Harvests! (Rob Backyard Gardenerr)

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In this video I’ll explain how I propagate the suckers from my tomato plants in mid-summer so that I’ll have healthy plants producing fruit for fall harvesting. I’ll also explain which suckers I choose ad why.
I live in zone 8a and from June-August the heat can really wreak havoc on the garden. The tomatoes start to burn a bit and require more water. During this period, the plants shut down fruit production because the nighttime temperatures don’t fall regularly below 75 degrees which is typically required for proper fruit setting. You can and may still get a few nights that allow for this, but you are mostly watering the plants just to keep them alive.
Trimming the plants down and removing a lot of the suckers will help limit the need for watering and thus prolong the life of the plants.
Better still, since you are trimming the plants, why not use the suckers for future plants and a late season harvest or two. Suckers are really easy to propagate as all tomato plants can grow additional roots along their stems by simply placing hem in a glass of water (out of direct sunlight) for just a few weeks.

Author: Rob Backyard Gardenerr / YouTube