VIDEO: Ripe Tomato Husky Cherry Red Hybrid – Growing Food 2013 (AgricultureFootage)

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Husky Cherry Red Tomato Plant (Ripe) 2013

This video features a ripe Husky cherry red tomato plant. The Husky tomato is a Hybrid plant. This particular plant has already produced fruit that is ripe and it is early June.

Depending on your planting time and geographical location you will most likely to see ripening fruits in mid-to-late summer, and in this case June. As tomatoes begin to ripen, their color changes from vibrant medium-green to a lighter shade, with faint pink or yellow stripes.

This particular plant is growing in Southern California and some of the fruit has already ripened. We first began working with this plant in late April, when it was a solid but young plant. These ripe tomatoes were picked on June 9th, 2013 as part of the first batch. The plant continues to grow and will surely produce a few more rounds of tomatoes.

Planting and care tips:
Plant with 2/3 of the stem in the ground
The location should have Full sun (8 hours ideal)
Best to put your support system in place at the time of planting
They need water too!

Author: AgricultureFootage / YouTube