VIDEO: Solar Powered Indoor Hydroponic Tomato & Vegetable Garden (swornabsent)

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This is an overview of my first hydroponics setup. It is a flood & drain system consisting of of a 4×4 grow area under a 250W HID light, with fans and pumps powered by a solar-charged battery, and a separate space dedicated to seed starting/cloning. Shoutout to happygameshow, check out his channel for more ideas (now at

Below is some pricing info (as of Jan 2011) for the 12v accessories I used. Everything save the timer is available via Amazon.

12vdc oscillating automotive fan with clip: $15
“Power Bubbles” 12vdc air pump: $36
Rule 24 360gph 12vdc water (bilge) pump: $17
12vdc digital timer (programmable): $20 (from

For comparison purposes, what I would have purchased as 120vac equivalents if using an inverter:

6-inch clip fan: $11
20-gallon air pump: $12
~300gph water pump: ~$20
Digital, programmable timer: ~$10

The disparity in price for smaller-ticket items like these is pretty negligible if you’re willing to research and shop around a bit.

Author: swornabsent / YouTube