VIDEO: Starting Tomatoes/Peppers Indoors: LED/CFL Lighting, Planting, Fertilizing, Watering & Acclimation (Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden))

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I stated 100 Watts which is the equivalent. The LED is 15 Watts and the CFL is 23 Watts. Start your tomatoes indoors 6-8 weeks and peppers 8-10 weeks before they would be ready to go in the ground. I talk to you about types of lights that can be used for grow light and show you how to make a your own grow light, when to water & fertilize your transplants, how to plant them and what acclimating your tomato and peppers transplants to the sun means.

Note the light receptacle is for 150 watt or lower bulbs.

Author: Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden) / YouTube