VIDEO: strong lattice trellis – tomato support, vegetable vertical gardening (Southern California Gardening)

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here is a very simple and inexpensive tomato support or climbing vegetable vertical support for your garden, i am using these in my raised bed, they fit perfectly but they can also be used directly in the ground if you do not have a raised bed. tomato plants can grow extremely big, this lattice trellis is going to work great for them, even though the tomato plants are going to grow much taller than the lattice, i will be able to run a bamboo stick down next to the tomato plants and then secure them to the lattice, i will also be able to hang the tomato plant over the top of the lattice trellis. these tomato plants are growing so fast i will be doing an update video in about a month, i’m sure they will already be to the tops of the lattice trellis. it’s going to be so fun watching my tomato plants grow.

Author: Southern California Gardening / YouTube